Why Is Community so Important?

Why Is Community so Important?

Most bootcamps push you through a ton of curriculum really quickly so you can get a certificate. You're still left with the burden of having to find a job on your own. That's a lonely and overwhelming process. We don't want that for you.

At V School, you get a dedicated Student Success Mentor who guides you through your entire journey, from day one until the day you land your job in industry (and beyond). You need community along the way to get there and V School provides just that.

You won't find a community like V School anywhere.

There's something special about going through something big with other people. Having a community built into your student experience ensures you are seen, known, and valued while not having to go through a high-level, life-changing course alone.

V School understands that community is a vital aspect of your success. So much so that we've created unique opportunities for you to connect on multiple levels with students, staff, alumni, and industry experts throughout every day of the week (no matter where you live!) so you can love your experience and succeed.

If you're looking to pivot careers into Web Development or UX/UI Design and don't want to go at it alone, check out vschool.io and change your life!