Top Remote Tech Jobs of 2020

Top Remote Tech Jobs of 2020

The ability to work from home is becoming a necessity during these uncertain times. The tech industry provides more opportunities to work from home than any other field. Check out the leading careers of 2020 that offer remote work opportunities.

Software Engineer / Software Developer
Average Salary: $106,816

Software engineers have a hand in all of our lives daily. Every time you pull up the internet or open an app on your phone, software engineers are behind the scenes for all of that. There will always be a dire need for this role now that nearly every industry around the world uses software throughout their business.

Web Developer
Average Salary: $89,303

Web developers are responsible for all of our internet interaction. They use many different languages and frames to design, create and maintain websites and phone apps. The demand for this role is growing rapidly now that the majority of companies have adopted the digital side of business.

Java Developer
Average Salary: $93,371

The role of a Java developer is to build high-performing and scalable applications. This role is typically involved in all aspects of development throughout the project lifecycle. The financial industry relies heavily on Java developers and the demand will continue to increase.

Mobile Application Developer
Average Salary: $91,848

Mobile usage is continually passing desktop usage as more people are using their phones to shop online, engage in social media, and surf the web in general. Mobile traffic across the internet worldwide has increased 222% in the last five years and is showing no sign of slowing down. There’s no better time to begin a career as an app developer.

Web Designer
Average Salary: $75,773

Web designers and web developers work together to bring a new website to life. Web designers are responsible for designing and building websites with focus on styling and layout of web pages and content. This role focuses on UX/UI design and typically attracts creative people that enjoy working together with a team.

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