MyBaseGuide + AHRN Full-Ride Scholarship Winner

MyBaseGuide + AHRN Full-Ride Scholarship Winner

We are very excited to announce Sergeant Major Taamir Ransome as the winner of the MyBaseGuide + AHRN military full-ride scholarship!

We are inspired by your journey so far and can't wait to see all the new things you accomplish after V School.

Sergeant Major Taamir Ransome's journey into tech

"I joined the army in 2001 right after 9/11 as radar repair and deployed a couple of times. I really liked radars and technology, but I started to realize that hardware wasn’t my main focus. After my second deployment, I realized that IEDs were like the number one killer and wanted to focus my efforts on that.

And so I requested EOD, which is a bomb squad, and completed my undergrad out of EOD school. I enjoyed working with C++ and knowing some code to actually get these projects to work. I’ve been an EOD guy for 15 years now and started a couple of special operations units and was in the premiere special operations unit.

Five years ago, I returned to school and got really into cybersecurity but I realized it was too broad.

I switched over to computer science and started teaching myself Python and dabbled JavaScript a little bit – just making training aids and controlling them through my smartphone and making web servers and stuff to help the boys out and was able to reset devices.

I still have a couple of your commitment to the army and then I'll retire. To be honest, man, I want to freelance.

There's a bunch of companies that I know of right now that all support the army, but their programs and how they're teaching certain things – especially the guys in my career field – they're stuck in like this time loop. They're stuck in the 90s. And I keep telling these guys, “Hey man, you can push your company and your programs into the future if you switch to this way.” I just don't have the credentials to prove that yet.

I know what I want to do. I have a whole bunch of ideas in my head, I just don't have the funds or the know-how to actually do it. But these companies will hire me once I do have that. and become a 1099 guy for five or six really big companies that support the military and be able to give my knowledge and give back to the career field."

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