How to successfully pivot your career with confidence

Pivoting careers can be really daunting, but it doesn't have to be. There's one key element that will build your confidence enough to successfully pivot.

How to successfully pivot your career with confidence

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We all know it to be true that pivoting careers can be really daunting. You have to learn new skills, build new relationships, and often have to break into new industries. It can be scary, but it doesn't have to be.

There's one way to make the journey much more approachable so you can take your next steps forward confidently if you're pivoting careers (or considering doing so).

Take the time to pause and appreciate how far you've come on your journey.

It's important for you to stop and remember how far you've come in your journey. There's a chance you already overcome all of the challenges that are required when pivoting from one industry into the tech space.

You just have to it again.

A great way to do that, is to think all the way back to your first job.
We recently asked our students that same question. Here are some of the answers:

  1. Dishwasher
  2. Paper route
  3. Babysitting
  4. Retail store
  5. Fast food
  6. Dinner, service, and cleanup at a senior home
  7. Groundskeeper at an amphitheater
  8. Little league umpire
  9. Sandwich artist
  10. Video Store Clerk

Going back and thinking about your first job, all of a sudden, in an instant, you can connect the dots from all the way there to the present, all the different jobs you've had, all the different schooling you've had, everything it's taken to learn, build those skills, and do it with excellence.

When you pivot careers, you have to do that again, just in a different way, but it's good to pause and remember where you've come from, because that's where you can pull strength and confidence that you can do it again. It's the second verse, the same as the first. It's something you've already done.

Remember, you are just doing things you've most likely done multiple times in the past.

  1. Learning new skills
  2. Learning about a new industry
  3. Building new relationships

The great part about pivoting careers, especially into tech, is that you can actually take your past and merge it with a better future.

I want you to imagine yourself as a professional web developer or a professional UX/UI designer. Imagine what life could look like for you. If you were doing that, what would be different? What would be better?

Most of our students came from different backgrounds and landed careers in tech, but that can be you. We love not just helping you look forward, but we also like to look back and remember your journey and use that as a strength to build your confidence as you move forward and break into tech.

If this is something you'd like to do: get in touch with us to start pivoting your career