How Can Mastery-Based Education Help You?

Traditional education fails at training professionals to acquire the skills needed to land a job. Learn more about a system around your needs

How Can Mastery-Based Education Help You?

It’s very likely that at some point in your life you were pushed to practice/learn things you were not good at. Remember when you failed that math test in high school and your family forced you to take private lessons? This only increased your resistance to studying or enjoying this, or any other subject.

This frequently occurs throughout our lives. The real problem in this case, is that most students are chasing the same deadline. Of course you will not enjoy the classes, when you’re the one behind.

This is what happens in higher-education.

Students start at different skill levels, yet they are expected to finish at the same time. Naturally, some students will have acquired more knowledge or than others. (And they most likely gained no experience at all.)

This leaves a gap between actual job requirements and market skills for new graduates.
It seems like a trap with no way out. But what if the deadline wasn't the same for all students?

Mastery-based is the answer.

You could adapt your learning experience to your current schedule, and then, with no time pressure on your shoulders, you would find yourself inclined to try harder.

You only move forward with your lessons once you have actually mastered the skill.

This is what we do at V School, our different training programs are designed to be mastery-based.

Instead of a set deadline, we will work with you to customize your class schedule so you move at a pace that is beneficial and realistic for your current situation. The end result is that you acquire the skills and gain real-life experience so you can launch a career in tech.

Of course, this requires a certain level of commitment and dedication.  Apply now to our Web development or UX/UI programs and take your first step into tech.

If you still have any doubts about the programs, financing options, or any other topic, schedule a time to talk and we can find the best path for you.