Apartment Housing and Rentals Foundation Full-Ride Scholarship to V School

Apartment Housing and Rentals Foundation Full-Ride Scholarship to V School

The Apartment Housing and Rentals Foundation (AHRF) is delighted to announce that the Foundation has partnered with V School to provide job retraining to our members who wish to learn to code.

V School has just announced that it is offering a full-ride scholarship to one of the AHRF members for job retraining in Programming and front-end design. It's Your Turn to Join Today’s Fastest Growing Career Path The demand for web developers and UX/UI designers continues to grow across industries and companies and there is no sign of this slowing down. We need great web developers to build top-of-the-line websites and apps as our digital lifestyles grow every day.

100% Tuition-Paid Scholarship to V School
The AHRF scholarship is available for V School's web development or UX/UI design online programs. Apply now.

About AHRF
The AHRF helps tenants in the United States who have over-due rent or are facing eviction. Tenants can join AHRF and once a member, Case Managers work with the tenant/member and their landlord to prevent eviction. This process grants the tenant the ability to stay in the property and helps the landlord avoid the costly process of eviction. It is a win-win program called the Eviction Prevention Program or EPP.

Each Member participates in classes to teach budgeting and tenant rights and responsibilities. These classes are required but are offered for free except for the purchase of course books. Members are then eligible for a variety of job retraining opportunities. The V School works with each student to show them how to write a great resume, to gain an interview and to improve their presentation when interviewing in addition to the training. Students continue their V School relationship throughout their career path and can return for training in code language updates and refresher courses.

The AHRF also has angel businesses located across the country who offer paid internships to the AHRF member graduates of this V School program. Graduates can go on to become developers or use their new skills to enhance work in other professions like website design, marketing, customer service, software sales and more.

If your company is interested in contributing to scholarships or offering paid internships to this program, please contact Lashondra Graves at info@theapartmentlady.org.

Donate to the AHRF here: paypal.me/wecareaboutu