Alumni Stories: Ani Turner - Software Engineer at Workfront

Alumni Stories: Ani Turner - Software Engineer at Workfront

Ani had a unique path into a career in tech. Originally earning a Bachelor's degree in psychology in Idaho, she soon moved to Salt Lake City where she unknowingly found her passion for tech while working as a billing clerk.

I already felt very frustrated, maybe I wasn't in the right place. After a while, things started clicking and I was like, "okay, maybe I can do this." With programming, I was able to build things every single day.

It was two weeks before I finished the program at V School that I got the offer at Workfront. The developers on my team tell me to this today "we are so thankful you're on our team because you bring a different light." That's what women do – bring a unique spirit to a company, to a team, to programming. I do think there should be more women within the tech field. You make good money, you have wonderful flexible hours. If you desire to become a mom – which is still one of my goals one day – I still think it's possible with this field.

I received a lot of motivation and confidence from people who have accomplished the things that we dream of accomplishing while at V School. It helped me to know that I can become that one day.

This is possible, you just have to move on and move forward in life.

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